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A Tidal Wave Is Coming!

Community Update (26Sep2022)

There is a lot to be said about the community of Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas. The first thing to be said is "you all love to game"! While supporting every gaming community that I can, you all have shown up in droves with excitement and enthusiasm for your game. It is truly wonderful to see and interact with you in the store. I was thinking about my childhood the other day and I remembered playing Yugioh at the local bookstore every week. Playing Pokémon at Books-A-Million and ruining cards that would be worth thousands of dollars if I had only known to put them in a binder and never touch them. (lol) I am so incredibly happy that I am providing such treasured memories for so many young ones. They will always remember that they learned how to play Pokémon or Dungeons and Dragons at their local game store. If I get anything out of opening this store, I want to know that I created a safe and fun experience for people that will be a core memory throughout their lives. The store has become a community center and will only grow larger.....maybe sooner than later...(wink).

So I want to share with everyone some big news. With the upcoming Wasabicon (more on that later), the organizer has let me know where I stand as a game store in the Southeast Region of the United States. That is the states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. We are #9 in activity! In a month and a half we have broken into the top 10 of most active game stores in the region. This is measured against all of the game stores. I would say that is a pretty darn good achievement. Something must have been done right because the community supports the store so much! It is incredible and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Now that I am done tooting my own horn... There are some big events coming up that I would like to highlight. These are not the in-store events because I think those get highlighted quite a bit. The first event is the City's Trunk or Treat on the 29th at J.F. Gregory Park. We will have a decorated vehicle and themed bags for the trick-or-treaters! It is our first event with the city and we can't wait.

Speaking of the city. We are currently planning a gaming convention to be held here in Richmond Hill at the City Center. We are in the very early stages of planning so expect to hear more about it in the coming months. The plan is to host a bi-annual gaming convention here in Richmond Hill.

The last event announcement is the Wasabicon in Jacksonville Florida. I have a booth there and will be hosting Pokemon, Magic and Yugioh Tournaments at the convention! The details are not in this blog post but keep an eye out for some details in the coming weeks. It would be great to have some locals representing the game store in the tournaments.

Well as you all have noticed I am very busy and the only times I can do this blog is on Monday during my son's nap. I am glad I was able to today because the last few weekly updates have not been written. I say that to say it is time for me to stop writing because he is now awake from his nap. I could type forever about the store and the community but unfortunately there is never time. (lol) I hope everyone has a great week and I will see you in the store!

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