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Getting My Feet Wet

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

In the first few days during my soft open schedule I have quickly learned a lot about the industry and about my competitors. This has been done through all of you that have spoken with me and those that have come to visit the store. The store is absolutely open but I am still getting in product. Next week I will be talking about the Grand Opening Event but this blog post will be an affirmation for all of you.

I believe in building a positive community revolving around gaming. It doesn’t matter what the game is. I will do everything in my power to help build a community around it. I believe that if you want it I will get it. Whether I have to get more distributors or work a side deal. My purpose is to fulfill the wants of my customers.

A lot of planning and research is being done to bring you all the best experience possible in the store. Cerberus Legion Games will be an inclusive store and will not lean on one gaming community but instead celebrate them all. That can be through events, tournaments and even demos for games you don’t know yet. The events schedule will have something for everyone. That schedule will be announced during the Grand Opening and will be posted on my website.

Something I also firmly believe in is making sure my customers are not taken advantage of. Unfortunately there are those in this industry that look to exploit the gamers for every penny they can. CLG will sell products at MSRP. I will not price hike a product just because it is highly sought after.

I have received a lot of questions about buying singles from customers or trading in singles. I am taking a very hard stance on NO. I deal in collectibles regarding singles and will only deal in collectibles. I know that it may be a part of some gaming communities but that is not a culture I will cultivate. I want to be fully transparent regarding this subject.

Now if we are talking collectibles, I will for sure entertain a discussion. But collectibles are officially graded items. I will be starting a service after the Grand Opening for you to get your items graded without having to pay the membership fees to the grading companies.

As of now I am a Pokemon Organizer, YuGiOh OTS and A Games Workshop Retailer. I should be on WPN before the Grand Opening. I have custom table toppers being made for Wargames and TTRPGs to help support those communities and product is rolling in everyday. The store will also be a sponsored Gym in Pokemon Go. I have also made the move to have some Warlord Games and will have plenty of painting supplies and miniatures. But again, if I don’t have in in store I can get it for you.

These past few days being open have been incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you. I hope to make the store everything that you want in a local game store and I look forward to all of the experiences and adventures we will go on together on!

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