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I want to start this post off with an enormous thank you to the gaming community. I have been graciously welcomed into the city of Richmond Hill and the store is already flourishing. This is because of the entire gaming community supporting the store. I truly hope I can bring this community together every day which is my ultimate goal. But I know why we all are here. Friday is the Grand Opening and you may be interested in what I have planned for it!

The interesting thing with the Grand Opening is that it is during the week. Unfortunately, ribbon cutting ceremonies put on by the Chamber of Commerce have to be done during the week. I sat and pondered as the majority of people say they can't make it because of work or the kids can't make it because of school. Both are huge bummers, but I have an ultimate fix!

THE GRAND OPENING WILL BE A TWO-DAY AFFAIR! Why not extend it. I want to allow as many people as possible to participate. Sure you might miss the ribbon cutting.....but let's be honest, what you really want are the prizes and deals the store is going to have. And I want everyone to have an opportunity to participate. So this is how it is going to work.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will kick of at 11 on Friday. It will be live on Facebook for those that can't be there. The local taco truck will be here to serve lunch. I hear they are the best in town. Once the ribbon is cut, the store deals kick in and will last until closing on Saturday. I feel like my mother, lol. She likes to turn her Birthday into an entire weekend. But this will allow everyone the opportunity to participate and more importantly, allow the kids to participate. Below I am listing out all of the specials that will be going on for the now 2 day Grand Opening event.

  • All store items will be 5% off. For both days.

  • Raffles will begin Friday and I will draw the winners on Saturday at noon. You can get a raffle ticket all the way up until I draw.

  • Raffles include below with price per ticket (you can buy more than one)

- Free Cerberus Legion Games T shirt (FREE)

- Pokémon Packs ($1)

- Yu-Gi-Oh Packs ($1)

- Magic Packs ($1)

- Miniature of your choosing at specific price ($1)

- Pokémon Plush of your choosing ($1)

- Pokémon Tattoo ($5)

- Graded Card ($5)

The raffle winners do not have to be present at the drawing because your name will be taken down when you purchase the tickets, but it is highly encouraged that you are there on Saturday to claim your prize.

The most important thing that will happen at the Grand Opening is that I will be announcing the schedule for the events in the store through the end of September. This schedule has been reviewed by the community Alpha Gamers and their input has been greatly appreciated. Along with the announcement, there will be signup books for the events coming up. There will also be demos on Friday at the store during the actual event. Everyone who attends will get a chance to see what some of the games in the store are and the way the Pokémon League will be played.

Overall, I am beyond excited to share this event with each and every one of you. I look forward to building a huge community around the store and supporting the gaming community as a whole.

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