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  • Novel DND Dice Holder with Metal Dice Set: Each dragon tray is hand cast, polished and painted to produce wonderful details of an ancient metallic dragon from wings all the way to scales. Polyresin base gives it great heft to work perfectly as dice tray, dice holder or even a dice jail! 
  • Cool Dragon Dice Guardian:Are you looking for a special dice guardian?Try this very cool looking dragon and let it guard your dice weapon. TTPRGS Accessory must have!
  • Antique Sliver Dragon Statue Ashtray: Displayed as a home decor statue! This is definitely a piece of art that is more than enviable. Display this centerpiece in your home, which will definitely be admired by dnd players. Of course, you can use it as an exclusive ashtray.
  • Multipurpose TTRPG Game Accessories: Perfect for all dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Yahtzee etc. Also a great storage tray from small things such as your game tokens, RPG coins, or anything else.
  • Cool Fantasy Gift for Dragon Lovers: The dragon statue tray is ideal dnd gift choice for DND fans, DM, dragon collectors, medieval & sci-fans, dragon lovers, and fantasy art collectors.

Dragon Dice Display Tray

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