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  • 🐉DND Dice Set : This DND dice set contains one D4, one D6, one D8, one D10, one D%, one D12 and one D20. Order single dice or full set. They all made of high-transparency and high-quality epoxy resin which ensure that the inclusions better show a sparkling effect.
  • 🐉 Customized Exquisite Packaging: This DND dice comes with a leather draw string dice bag. Whether for personal use, collection or as a gift, it is very high-end and perfect.
  • 🐉 Well Balanced and Easy to Read: We chose an easy-to-read font for this DND dice, and design different font colors for different styles of dice.
  • 🐉 Multi-Purpose: Used for TTRPG games such as D&D Dungeons and Dragons, Savage World, Warhammer, and many other tabletop role-playing games, perfect for any gamer.

Galaxy Pink Dice Set

SKU: 1005003604186151
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