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A BIG THANK YOU! and a Look into the Future

A small business is only able to succeed if it has a supportive and thriving community. That defined community could be whatever the business wants or needs but for Cerberus Legion Games, that community is Richmond Hill and the surrounding area! We started in a small 1000 square foot space and, within a year, were able to move to our new location that is 4000 square feet. That level of expansion in such a short amount of time can be attributed to only one thing: our community support. Having so many people crowded into a 1000 square foot store every weekend really put the pressure on us to expand to a larger space. The amount of love from the community that supports the store and what we do, really drove us to give you all the best possible game store.

Cerberus Legion Games lives and breathes because of this community and we are so thankful to you all. It may be weird to say, but in a lot of ways, the store has become its own little family. We love seeing all the familiar faces. It makes us feel that we are really a part of this community and the city. We have become a meeting place for different groups to gather and have fun. That is all we have wanted for the area, and now we are able to do it on a much larger scale!

Now if you didn't know, we had our Grand Re-Opening on 9 November to kick off Veterans Day Weekend. This was a celebration of our expansion into the new store and the opening of the store's cafe. The Grand Re-Opening Event was a huge success. We need to give a big shout out to the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce for putting it on. You can check out the post at We had the best... - Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce | Facebook. We saw a lot of new faces at the event which was a great surprise. I sometimes forget there are still a large amount of people in Richmond Hill that still don't know that we exist. Which is a perfect segway to the future plans of Cerberus Legion Games.


First and foremost, the cafe. Providing food and beverages in the store has been a goal ever since we locked in the deal for the new space. It has become a reality, but there is still work to be done. We are waiting for additional cooking equipment to be delivered, and then our menu is going to drastically expand. Currently, we are serving hot dogs and popcorn, as well as chips and soft drinks. Once our warmer gets in, we will be expanding our menu to include nachos and chili dogs. Once our toaster oven gets delivered, we will be expanding to pizza, burritos, mozzarella sticks, and corn dog nuggets. We are also in the final steps of getting our liquor license. Once that is approved, we will be selling beer, seltzers, wine and mead. We will also have custom mugs made that people can use when they drink in the store. More to be developed on the mugs but it is in the plan. When we are fully operational the hot menu will include Hot Dogs, Burritos, Pizza, Nachos, Mozzarella Sticks, Corn Dog Nuggets, and Popcorn. We will have Nacho Cheese and Hot Dog Chili to go along with the menu.


The cafe and alcohol dictates when we will launch our next big weekly event: Trivia Night! The goal is to host Trivia every Thursday at 7. This will be free to play, and winners will receive store credit that can be used at the cafe. Trivia Night will have topics related to the store. For example, Star Wars Trivia or Pokémon Trivia. We are so excited to start this new weekly event!


If you have been in the store lately, you may have seen a room closed and under construction. We have a pretty big plan for that room that is going to excite our tabletop RPG players (such as Dungeons and Dragons). That room is being remodeled to be a fully immersive role-playing experience. There will be a table with a TV embedded into it so the Dungeon Masters can use digital maps. The room will be painted to look like an old dungeon room and there will be surround sound set up that the DM can use to round out the immersive experience. We are the best around for Dungeons and Dragons and this immersive room is something we are all excited about to further improve your gaming experience.


Additionally, in the "War Room", that's what we are currently calling it, you will find thick soundproof curtains. This is the start of our studio. We have already locked in the channels, and the plan is to do weekly YouTube videos, a podcast, and live stream painting and games. Once the studio is complete, the opportunities will be limitless. You will be able to be involved with the store while sitting comfortably at home!


Next to our cafe we have our lounge area with a couch, coffee table, tv and our board game library. Yes, you can play board games in the lounge area and also in the rest of the store. You can directly rent a board game for two hours for $5. Or you can order the Gamers Combo and pay an additional $1 to play any board game for two hours. The Gamers Combo comes with one hot menu item, a side and a drink, in addition to 2 hours rent for a board game. A Gamers Combo adds $1 to a regular combo (subject to change).


The last big change to the overall store is the Cerberus Legionnaires Club. This is currently a Warhammer Club that is backed by the store. As of today, we are up to 15 members. The Club Dues are $20 a month and the use of the club funds is voted on by all members. For example, the funds collected so far will get everyone a Team Jersey that was already signed up for the Club. Besides the community that the club creates, members also get 10% off all Warhammer, Warhammer supplies and paints, and the cafe. Members also get priority for preorders. The Club will begin traveling to participate in tournaments across the country in January.

Cerberus Legion Games is a gamers' store and continues to bring the best experiences to everyone that walks through the door. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the unwavering support from our loyal customers, and the rest of the Richmond Hill community. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far and we look forward to continuing those relationships while also developing new ones!

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