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The excitement for the store that I personally feel every day is beyond comprehension. This blog post is going to be me talking about all of the great things the store does and recognizing those key individuals that make it happen. And to be honest, all of it is well deserving! As most of you know, this past weekend we went to the Wasabicon in Jacksonville Florida. It was an amazing experience and we have already been invited back next year as the game hosts. Except next year will be much larger with a huge game scene. We did extremely well at Wasabicon and made a lot of really good connections with other organizations. This event was a team effort and could not have been done without the employees and Alpha Gamers involved. Those being Tristan, Max and Anguis.

Connections wise we crushed it getting to know the Owner of the Convention and getting to know the Nostalgix creator and his team. And with that I want to talk about Nostalgix! This card game is brand new and in its 1st Edition release. Think of a card game baby between Hearthstone, Magic and Pokemon. Seems kind of crazy right? Well, it works extremely well and we all enjoyed it at the Convention. So here is what I am doing for Nostalgix and the

Cerberus Legion Community! I am throwing a Launch Party for Nostalgix in the store on November 19th! More info will come out about the event as we get closer but as of right now we will have the Nostalgix marketing team involved (join their social medias MJ (@nostalgix_mj) • Instagram photos and videos) , the Cosplayer will be joining us in store (find her on instagram at Your mom (@taybaefit) • Instagram photos and videos), and we will get a virtual video Q & A with the creator of the game (also check out the official IG of Nostalgix at Nostalgix TCG (@nostalgixtcg) • Instagram photos and videos). Needless to say, I am very excited to bring this game into the store in a big way! You can get demos of the game in store and we can teach you how to play before the Launch Party. At the launch party we will have promotional items, giveaways, raffles, precon decks to buy and boosters available.

I also want to give a big shout out to the Hunter Killers! This group is doing so much for the Warhammer community that they deserve a special mention. Between running monthly tournaments, running a Kill Team League, and just being great representatives of the game; they are a great addition to the store. We had a blowout tournament last weekend and the Kill Team League has grown to entirely fill the store! Expect big things to happen with the Hunter Killers and Cerberus Legion Games in the future as we continue to work together to bring the Warhammer community the best gaming in the area. This partnership with longevity will benefit the community greatly and we all should be excited for it!

The Cerberus Nexus for Dungeons and Dragons has taken off to incredible heights as well! If you don't know what that is, it is the weekly Saturday night Dungeon and Dragons sessions where players can join any game each week. The store operates as a central nexus with access into the multiverse and the players are Cerberus Legionnaires that help solve problems within the multiverse. Can't make every session? No big deal! You level up with the Nexus! We have great DMs running games every Saturday and we will have multiple events that will bring all Legionnaires together to battle a single multiverse threat. It is truly something that only exists in the store.

Last thing to mention is the answer to an ever-lingering question. "Can I bring Alcohol to the store?". I have officially put in for a liquor license and I plan on selling beer in the store. The logistics has not been worked out yet but it is coming. I know a lot of people enjoy sipping on a beer while they game late night so I want to support that for those who do not game in the store late night for that sole reason. I will announce it on social media when it is officially a thing so keep an eye out.

A lot of great things and great people are in the store. The incredible success is attributed to the community and your love for a welcoming game store! I hope we continue to bring this greatness to the community and we are always open to any suggestions to make the store better! I hope everyone has a great weekend and come join us for our many events this weekend!

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