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It Has Begun!

The first full week of being open turned out to be an incredible start on the game store journey. I have achieved my goal in opening an all-inclusive game store that supports the community for every sort of tabletop and card game. Some of the smaller games we are still working towards carrying them in the store but overall....we are all sails in the wind and moving at full speed ahead.

The greatest achievement so far is the welcoming atmosphere that we have created in the store. Families attend our events and the pure joy had by the gamers is something worth mentioning. Getting this young generation into a safe environment to learn and play has been extremely rewarding and will continue to be a staple of the store. The Alpha Gamer program has brought in some wonderful people to be the leaders of these gaming communities and it has been a new standard for the store.

I will be blunt, "there is no store like this within a daily driving distance"! It is a big reason for the immediate success. And to that point, I no longer need to be quiet about our success because once other game stores try to scalp my own people, I will be blunt. Other game stores in the area have tried to hire my own people behind my back. Sure, it is a part of being in the business world, but I will tell you that it does not matter what they are offered. I offer something no other store could dream of having. Loyalty. Everyone who has come in the store has felt the welcoming presence and been imbued with the knowledge of games by me or my Alphas. If you are a game store owner or employee reading should be scared. I have set a very high standard in commitment to the gaming community with high ethics and transparency. Something that does not exist in the game stores that surround Richmond Hill. It is truly a game store for all gamers. I am so proud of the store I have built and the people who helped along the way.

A thing lost has now been found. The events and casual space of the store create one simple word: Fun! And there has been a lot of fun to be had. We opened the week with our Pokémon League and it took off! Kids of all ages have come to learn how to play and they are now

Pokémon trainers working towards their first gym badge. We then started our late night events and each event was just as fun as the last. Whether it was a random Magic draft night or an insanely fun D&D night. We ended the week with our first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament! It was a total day of fun filled card duels. You can see our winners

on the right. The competition was fun to watch and it was a good competitive atmosphere.

Moving into the second week of the store being open, I have fully ramped up all of the upcoming events and expect nothing short of fun to be had. You can find the calendar on the main page of my website and you can RSVP for certain events on the events page of my website.

Lastly, I want to thank the entire gaming community and the community of Richmond Hill for fully welcoming us into the area. It already has been a wonderful experience and it will continue to grow. My vision for a game store has now been confirmed and that is due to you. You being the wonderful people who have come to the store. I look forward to our continued journey.

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